Esen has been in touch with Latin American countries

Esen has been in touch with Latin American countries

26 Eylül 2017, Salı

Esen, who is the vice-president of Memur-Sen, has been in touch with Latin American countries. Esen who visited Argentina, Chile and Brazil, carried out several meetings with trade union leaders there.

Memur-Sen, which tries to raise labour and rights struggle all over the world, continues its contacts in this context. Esen met with the managers of important trade unions and confederations in Latin America and exchanged ideas about the world trade union struggle.

Esen, who visited Argentina, Chile and Brazil, met with the managers of the big trade unions of the continent and held consultations.

Esen met with Julio Fuentes, president of the CLATE, (Confederacion Latinoamericana del Caribe de Trabajadores Estateles) which is a coalition of 86 trade unions in 19 countries in Argentina, and received information about the confederation's activities and their trade union work in America. Speaking briefly about the 25-year history of Memur-Sen, Esen expressed their common unity at the anticapitalist and anti-imperialist standpoint. Esen emphasized that important works could be done when they work together in labour struggle so he invites Mr.President Julio Fuentesa to Turkey for a stronger communication and cooperation.  Esen met with Secretary General Pablo Michelli, CTA (Central de Trabajadores de la Argentina), one of Argentina's most important non-governmental organizations, and received informations on trade unions in Argentina. Michelli who indicates that 32 per cent of the population live below the poverty line, also said that there are three different organizations in Argentina but they act together in general issues. Michelli, who said that 50 per cent of tstahe economy is unregistered, stated that the unemployment rate was 11 per cent. Esen uttered that trade unions and trade unionism are very important in countries like Argentina. Esen emphasized the unity of the trade unions against the economic balances nowadays that are being shaken in the world and expressed his hope to being together in joint work. The Secretary General of the CTA stated that for the first time they had met with a trade union organization from Turkey and were very happy.

Opinions of Memur-Sen is important for us

Esen who continued his contacts in Chile, met with CUT (Central Unitaria de Trabajadores) directors. In Chile, Esen met with CUT’s Vice President who responsible for international relations Tamara Munoz Valenzuela, CUT Women's Committee President Julia Requena Castillo and executive Jode Manuel Diaz Zavala.

CUT, the oldest union in Chlie, executives expressed their satisfaction with the visit of Memur-Sen in the sense of trade unionism. Esen emphasized the importance of trade unionism in Chile where the traces of the military coup that had been experienced 44 years ago are felt, he said that the labour and rights struggle must be done jointly with the cooperation.

Trade Unions Works in Brazil

 In Brazil, Esen met with UGT (Uniro Geral Dos Trabajadores) President Ricardo Patah and union leaders, where he gave information about Memur-Sen and trade union works in Turkey. Ricardo Patah stressed the importance of such a communication; that exchange of experience would strengthen international trade union activities at a time when the economy is becoming increasingly globalized. During his contacts in Brazil, he met with Edson Ramos, the president of the SECSP (Sindicato Dos Comerciarios) which is one of the largest trade unions in Latin America, and stated that the trade union struggle in Latin America and the trade union struggle in Turkey were common interests. Esen also met with SIEMACO President José Moacyr Malvino Pereira and managers from the important trade unions of Brazil and received information on trade union activities in Brazil.