`International Conference of Professional Institutions & Trade Unions` Completed

'International Conference of Professional Institutions & Trade Unions' Completed

25 Ekim 2017, Çarşamba

Mr. Ali YALÇIN who speaks at the 2nd International Conference of Professional Institutions & Trade Unions said that we live in such an age when pain even is transformed into a weapon. Imperialism and its extension Zionism transform everything what it is about humanity into a weapon and making them an instrument of the massacre.

“International Conference of Professional Institutions & Trade Unions”, which was held this year for the second time under the theme of 'All together for Jerusalem', lasted for 2 days. At the end of the conference Istanbul Declaration published and the program came to the conclusion.

250 trade union representatives from 50 countries attended the conference. Mr. Ali Yalçın who delivered his speech on the second day of the conference emphasized on the problems in all Palestine especially in Al-Quds. He also laid emphasize on the problems of the Palestinians, who have been displaced from their homelands by saying that their freedom of work is being hindered. In some countries, some professions are not allowed to them. This is clearly a policy of isolation. This means that Palestine and Palestinians are subjected to both material and spiritual isolation.

Instead of Palestine Question, there is a Zionist Israel Question

Yalçın who pointed out the problem conceptualisation of the question, underlined that The conceptualization imposed on us is in the form of the Palestinian Question. However, instead of Palestine Question, there is a Zionist Israel Question. Hence, if we talk about a solution, we have to start with Israel's Zionist policies.

Spreading the Masjid al-Aqsa and Al-Quds resistance all over the world

Mr.Yalçın highlighted that to avert the dirty strategy which is being made by Israel, we must spread the Masjid al-Aqsa and Al-Quds resistance all over the world, to the whole humanity. The language that imperialism and Zionism impose on people can only be revealed with this strategy. Only in this way we can break the cooperation of imperialism and Zionism.

“Al-Quds is the Manifesto of Humanity’s Salvation”

Indicating that Al-Quds is the place for us, where the sky and the ground meet, Mr. Yalçın said that to avoid the tension that is rising on the world today and the radicalization that surrounds all humanity, both the quality and the quantity of Al-Quds and Masjid al-Aqsa should be well explained. He also emphasized that Al-Quds is the manifesto of humanity’s salvation.

After the protocol talks, the declaration was published. It was decided that the name of the declaration would be 'Istanbul Declaration'

Participants in the program then travelled to Istanbul.