Turkey and Albanian Experiment on Trade Unionism Seminar`s second phase has been completed

Turkey and Albanian Experiment on Trade Unionism Seminar's second phase has been completed

25 Eylül 2017, Pazartesi

Memur-Sen and BSPSH completes the second stage of joint seminar titled "Experiences of Turkey and Albania on Trade Unionism" in Tirana

Within the framework of the cooperation protocol signed by the Memur-Sen Confederation and the Union of the Independent Trade Unions of Albania (BSPSH), the joint seminar titled " Turkey and Albanian Experiment on Trade Unionism " was held in Tiran, in the province of Albania.

The Future of Labour Force in Albania and the Balkans, "Development of Social Dialogue and its Impact in Albania, Protection, Development of Social Dialogue and its İmpact in Turkey, Integration of Migrants into the Labour Market and the Role of Labour Organizations in the Process subjects were discussed by attending of Vice Presidents of Memur-Sen and a number of presidents of affiliated trade unions.

At the seminar, it was noted that the objective was "to identify new problems facing the region's labour force and to produce solutions on these issues within the ILO conventions.” Speakers from both part pointed out the importance of cooperation between the unions at international level, emphasizing that it is impossible to solve the problems of the labour force at the national level. Speakers who urged upon the importance of Social Dialogue underscored that the power of labour can’t be ignored. The opening speech of the seminar was made by Vice President Mehmet Bayraktutar.

Bayraktutar: We Care About Experience Sharing

Mehmet Bayraktutar, who held the opening speech of the seminar, noted that the Memur-Sen has recently conducted intensive bilateral cooperation in the international arena. Bayraktutar, "as Memur-Sen family, we believe that there is no race, ideology, religion or gender of labour. For us, protecting the rights of the labourer means protecting the rights of all mankind. Memur-Sen is a labour organization that chooses solidarity and social dialogue. We have cooperation protocols with more than 50 countries and more than 80 confederations. We always enshrine the BSHP’s memory in our heart. The reason why we are here today is to take this cooperation further. The first phase of this joint workshop took place in Turkey in May, and now we have our second phase in Albania. Bayraktutar also said that the sharing of experiences helps us to find solutions to new problems we encounter.

Kaya: We Need to Find Common Solutions for Common Problems

Pointing out that international cooperation is important, Memur-Sen Vice-President Günay Kaya said, "I would like to express from here that we have a basic set of principles when doing these collaborations.We regard trade union solidarity as an equal relationship in the framework of mutual solidarity and cooperation rather than oppression of the strong to the weak among the countries. As Memur-Sen, it is our main principle to walk side by side and share our experiences instead of being ahead in trade union relations. It is our main goal to find common solutions for our common problems by collaborating, training and panelling in this framework."

Tonbul: We Must Combine Our Strengths for a Fair World

Haci Bayram Tonbul, Vice President of the Memur-Sen who underlined that humanity can not be demanded only for themselves in an environment where globalization and communication possibilities are increasing and it does not matter who he is, what he believes, how he is, where he lives, a world in which everyone is valued as a human being and has basic human rights in working life must be the common goal for all of us. We must take responsibility for a fairer and more peaceful world where justice is provided in the distribution of income. Tonbul lastly stated that as confederations, we must combine our strengths for a world of people who are not concerned about tomorrow but who look to the future with confidence.