Contacts by Memur-Sen in Guinea and Senegal

19 Mart 2017, Pazar

The first of its kind, this detachment of the Memur-Sen Confederation included comrades Hacı Bayram Tonbul, Deputy President in charge of Legislation and Collective Agreements, and Nihat Aksen, International Relations Advisor. The visit is part of the implementation of the "Istanbul Declaration", resulting from the International Symposium on Trade Unionism in the Muslim World, held in Istanbul on 13 and 14 October 2016, Participation of 80 trade union confederations from 58 countries.

Visit by SWTUF Delegation to Memur-Sen

29 Aralık 2016, Perşembe

Deputy President of Sudan Workers Trade Unions Federation (SWTUF) Yahia Hassan Mohammed Ali and accompanying delegation visited the President of Memur-Sen Ali Yalçın in his Office.

Return Visit by Memur-Sen to Indonesia and Malaysia

29 Aralık 2016, Perşembe

Deputy Presidents of Memur-Sen Günay Kaya and Mehmet Emin Esen visited Malaysia and Indonesia within the scope of return visits to the countries which attended to the Symposium "Trade Unionism in the Islamic World" organized by Memur-Sen and SESRIC with the attendance of 80 Confederations from 58 Countries.

Return Visit by Esen to Pakistan

28 Aralık 2016, Çarşamba

Deputy President of Memur-Sen Mehmet Emin Esen visited Pakistan and Qatar within the scope of the visit to countries participated to "Trade Unionism in the Islamic World" Symposium which was realized with the participation of 80 confederations from 58 countries.

Yalçın Gave a Speech in Turkey-EU Joint Consultative Committee Meeting

28 Aralık 2016, Çarşamba

The 35th meeting of the Turkey-EU Joint Consultative Committee commenced in Ankara. At the meeting, President of Memur-Sen Ali Yalçın, made a statement on behalf of the Turkish wing. Yalçın criticized the EU's recommendation decision for Turkey's accession process, drew attention to the need for EU leaders to develop different policies.

Visit to Memur-Sen from Palestinian Trade Union Representatives

26 Aralık 2016, Pazartesi

President of Memur-Sen Ali Yalçın welcomed the President of the General Union of Palestinian Petroleum and Petrochemicals Workers Muhammed Musa Cadallah and President of the Palestinian Working Women's Commission, Nozha Muhammed Ebu Cadallah in his office.

Foreign Students Who are Educated in Our Country are in Memur-Sen

26 Aralık 2016, Pazartesi

Foreign students who are studying in Turkey visited Deputy President of Memur-Sen Mehmet Emin Esen within the scope of "Public Diplomacy Academy" Project and received information about Memur-Sen.

Return Visit to Cyprus by Kaya

26 Aralık 2016, Pazartesi

Vice-President of Memur-Sen Günay Kaya paid a visit to the Turk-Sen as part of a visit to the countries participated in the symposium "Trade Unionism in the Islamic World" from 116 confederations from 58 countries, then visited ESKAD in Cyprus

Call for Sensitivity for Aleppo

22 Aralık 2016, Perşembe

Memur-Sen Confederation sent a call to Trade Union Confederations from whole of the world to create a sensitivity create awareness about the situation in Aleppo.

Yalçın: Damn Those who Opened the Genocide Counter in Aleppo

21 Aralık 2016, Çarşamba

Addressing to the Memur-Sen members who came from 81 provinces and reached Hatay City with the slogan "Open the way to Aleppo", President Ali Yalçın said "We loaded mankind into the trucks and  with the motto ‘Our burden is Humanity our Way is Aleppo' we have been standing up for humanity, for peace and for justice.